Urban Sustainability Tour at Dizengof Center

Dizengof Center is a unique shopping and entertainment center, located in the heart of Tel Aviv, among the buildings of the neighborhood, in contrast to many shopping centers located on the outskirts of cities or industrial areas. The unique location of the center presents challenges and opportunities, but also makes it what it represents – “The real Tel Aviv”.

We have chosen to promote urban sustainability as a strategic goal of the company, with an emphasis on urban nature, urban agriculture and other environmental issues, along with supportive and enabling social approach.

During the tour we will discuss the connection between economics, society and the environment and the unique way in which it takes place in the center.

  • We will hear about energy efficiency and actions to reduce the carbon footprint of the center.
  • We will visit the roof, in a farm growing vegetables using a hydroponic and aquaphonic methods.
  • Get to know the bio-dynamic bee hive and the purpose of the bees’ important activity.
  • Snapshots next to a garden attracts butterflies and learns their environmental value.
  • We will understand how social values lead to the transfer of contractor workers to direct employment and to support small businesses and local communities.

We will get to places that only a few people see: visit the “backstage” of the center’s operating system, the bat colonies and the underground passages of the center.

The tour is suitable for everyone, from overseas delegations, training courses, enrichment and fun for companies and organizations.

Duration: 90 minutes

Drop-off passengers: King George and Dizengof corner.

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Phone: 050-4417144